Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a quick little update || personal

life moves too fast—summer, especially.

which leaves me wondering how, 3 weeks from today, i'll be moving out of the house i've lived in for the past 6 years and the community i've called home for 9 before that to a brand new city. to a dorm room, where i'll share a living space for the first time in years, eat more cafeteria food than i have in my life, and do more walking than i do driving.

i'll also be writing more papers than taking photos for school project—that might be the most difficult transition of all! just keeping it real. ha.

but back to summer! there will be time to talk about new transitions later. today, i'm here to say: hi! again. i know it's been a while. but i'm still here & shooting crazy cool people & excited to share some couples in love and rad-tastic senior gals & awesome adventures that photo-ing has taken me on. but not right now.

i'm detasseling. (6th time in 7 years—I AM LITERALLY THE CRAZIEST.) but that's okay, because it's a blessing to make money while walking.walking.walking and talking with old friends and praying in the cornfields and eating all the food and listening to music that i forgot was on my iPod. it's keeping me exhausted and busy but excited to have time soon to get back into photos, blogging, and hanging out with some sweeeeet upcoming senior gals!

which, by the way, if you are or know of a gal that's going into her senior year, send her my way. also, if any senior gal wants to go to the state fair in august for senior photos, i may or may not really want to talk with her;)

love you all. squeeze all the sweet summer lemonade out of the last day & a half of july you can!


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