Friday, October 25, 2013

Kayla + Tyler | Kent County Park | Engaged!

love me like a hard break
love me like a thief
love me like you want to
come steal my history

steal my history || drew holcomb & the neighbors

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I absolutely adore these two! I've known Kayla since my freshman year, when we were in the same Bible study. Sophomore year these two started dating (I distinctly remember standing in the Nav house when they started "running" together...things didn't take long after that!) and last year, we three were in the same small group. 

We went back to where Tyler proposed to Kayla, on a bridge in Kent County. The morning was foggy and the light was stunning as we wandered through wet grasses & over golden hued hills. These two also treated me to brunch! Seriously the best kind of morning in my book.

Tyler and Kayla, I love how fun you two make life toegher. Anyone can tell that you have THE MOST fun together, and yet it's a deeper love than superficial "fun" times. It's a commitment to live life alongside each other, through the tough and the enjoyable. Thank you both for mirroring Christ's love in your lives! Love you both. :)


Monday, October 21, 2013

Kenzie Belle | Portraits

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 photo KenzieBelle08_zps75c16a21.jpg  photo KenzieBelle09_zps3df695a1.jpg  photo KenzieBelle10_zpsd6082d92.jpg  photo KenzieBelle11_zps2060b2b0.jpg  photo KenzieBelle12_zpsb1495738.jpg  photo KenzieBelle13_zpsb55db3ac.jpg

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Kenzie Belle is more fun than a box of pixi-stix and glitter combined! I like her maybe even more than those two things!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

ISU Navigators | Kickoff Block Party

I'd completely forgotten about these photos! They were taken the evening before classes started...and somehow hid themselves away on my hard-drive. Ooooops. Happy thursday!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jackie + Collin | Ledges State Park | Engaged!

and everybody probably thinks I'm crazy
well i'll just tell you now
that i fell in love and i couldn't help myself
that i fell in love and i couldn't help myself

sweet louise || the belle brigade

it's such a funny thing when all the sudden you start to get emails, text messages, and phone calls from friends saying "we're engaged!" Jackie was in my high school graduating class and last year, said yes to a ring & a promise from Collin.

these two are just the thing for each other. they both love music, cats, tea, and each other! and i should mention, they are making long distance look GOOD! Jackie & Collin graciously woke up super early for photos, and we laughed away the cold and fog on a perfect saturday morning last month. thanks you two for a fun morning adventure! let's go out for sushi sometime when Collin is in Ames. :)