Friday, June 27, 2014

Apologies and Adventures

Remember the days that I blogged at least once a week? Or, I at least attempted to.  It's been faaaaarrrr too long since I've sat at this blank page to write some thoughts and post some photos…so I might owe an explanation. Here goes!

I'm in Jacksonville, Florida for the next month…and I've been here a month already! It's gone so quickly, but let me say, it has been a jam-packed 4.5 weeks of online class/meeting people/catching up with old friends/going out to local eateries/drinking sweet tea/not taking nearly as many photos as I should/reading the Word of God more than normal and less than I'd like/learning so so so much.  I truly wish that more college students were able to experience something as amazing as JAX STP! It's an incredible time of growth, challenging days, and memorable experiences.

It's so late—almost 1 a.m. here, which is our weekend "lights out"—so this post will be far too short and sweet. But I won't leave you without a few photos of my life lately and I'll promise more to come in the weeks ahead:)

team leader training fun!

my girls! "team radiant"—they're amazing women of God & I'm so thankful for each one.

back home for Jess & Trevor's wedding! 

can't forget that I got to squeeze this girl for a few hours & shoot her seniors. Love you, Asia!

first group date! these guys were absolute gentlemen & made it a blast!

You can't beat midwestern sunsets—but this one wasn't too bad;)

 I spend most of my mornings in the library—I get this view a lot. At least it's perty!

I promise that more will be on it's way over here—I've got a fun personal shoot, Asia's seniors, and some team photos in the works!

Amelia Renee