Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Family Sessions!

I don't think for a moment that you wouldn't agree with me when I say, "Family is important!"

Am I right? Or am I right?!

I believe in the importance of family. Nothing and no-one can replace what a family is meant to be, how they mold & impact each other throughout the course of a lifetime. The tears cried on mom's shoulder over a scraped knee or broken heart, the way dad fixes broken closet doors...and knows that one spot you are the most ticklish...the way you are completely comfortable with them, the inside jokes shared, the memories of years upon years together. This is family—and this is what (and who) I love!

Life isn't perfect, it doesn't always play out...or a hollywood film or Pottery Barn catalog. But life is real, and it is at its peak of realness when you are with family—those goofy, loving, sometimes embarrassing people you call home.

Life is crazy, it is not "picture perfect," and it's unexpected. I want to be there to capture that—today—for you and the ones you love. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so let us celebrate now while it is still here! You'll blink, and she'll be walking. Turn around, and he is packing up for college. Don't put off making & capturing these memories to put on the wall, in an album, and most importantly, in your heart. 

Because I believe in being genuine, in realness, in capturing real moments as well as the posed ones, I'm offering a new style of family session. I want to find out who you are! I want to build that relationship between you, the kiddos, and my camera as authentically as possible. Maybe that means going to a park and letting the kids run wild before grabbing Tropical Snow on a summer's eve. Perhaps that entails me coming over for a quiet few hours on a rainy afternoon, photographing the kids snacking, finger painting, splashing in puddles. Maybe it is a Saturday morning family outing for breakfast at the Waffle Stop and then stopping by the local farmers market for some fresh ingredients for lunch. 

Can you see it? Are you catching the vision?

Let's make memories of today for tomorrow, together. 

family sessions start at $200. book between July 15-August 5 to receive $50 off! email ameliareneephoto (at) to schedule a session:)

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