Monday, December 23, 2013

Year in Review | 2013

2014 is almost here, full of new adventures and discoveries!  And as excited as I am for the new year, this last one has been so very wonderful.  Thank you to all who have let me photograph you, entrusted special days & memories to my fingers, and pushed me to want to grow in all ways in the coming year.

May you all have a wonderfully happy Christmas & new year!

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 photo 2013_35_zpse08006e1.jpg

 photo 2013_36_zps76f3dabf.jpg

love always,
Amelia Renee:)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Family Portraits | Hansen Family | Waverly, IA

'Tis the week before Christmas...and also the week of finals! Here at Iowa State, 23/7 quiet hours are in effect, hot chocolate & coffee is being drunk 'round the clock, and students are still putting off studying for that last final they have coming up this week. ;)

Since I'm possibly in that boat (just kidding, mom!), what better to do than post a sampling of the photos I captured over Thanksgiving break of the Hansen family?!  Katie is a photographer herself, and so it was definitely a sweet surprise when she emailed me & requested that I do photos of her family!  They were so much fun and I loved exploring Waverly (it's such a fun little town) while we were there.

Love Always,Amelia Renee:)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Catching Up | Life in iPhone Photos | Personal

Fall is always such a busy time!  This semester has been blessedly full of amazing friends (new & old), adventures that I couldn't have imagined, and suprisingly—I still feel like the same person.  

Coming off Thanksgiving break and being back on campus is so strange.  Cedar Falls and home feels the same and "normal" as ever (except for all of my college friends being gone...) but Ames is now "home" as well.  The next three weeks are going to fly by with all the papers, projects, and studying that has to be done...part of me is SO ready for Christmas break, but some of me wants this semester to go on so we can keep making memories!

Since it's been months since my last post of personal thoughts & photos, so here are some of the highlights of this semester!






By the library // Faux Duel for my Rural Southern History Class! // The canon by the Iowa Capital with my asian friends
First time Karaoke! // Fall leaves here are HUGE // bus time=snack time
Naomi came to visit! SO excited! // we had a rainy fall (1) and (2)
When the sun shines through the leaves my heart melts
Mr. Fox sweater made his first appearance // So did Sam the Bear around Halloween...hah!
Fall is perfect for bonfires with good friends! // we also had MORE rain.
Swinging is good for the college student's soul
Campus finds—the MU and Helser dorm
Lots of bikes on campus // Homecoming crew after the fireworks!
Dress shopping & Des Moines adventuring with this bestie! (AND she got engaged the next week! YAY!)
Elegance // College is for new things like attending a military ball! 
The first snow (just a tiny bit!) and lights are up on the tree at Cafe Diem // coffee date with the SISTER!

Now that December is here (my FAVORITE month!) I'll be blogging even less (hah—is that possible?!) but you can be sure you'll hear all about December adventures. Quite a few are already in the works, and it's bound to be a month full of wonder.

Love Always,
Amelia Renee