Monday, July 8, 2013

Q + Brittney | 2013 Wedding | Cedar Falls, IA Wedding Photographer

well, I'll be your rainy day lover
whenever the sunny days end
and whatever the weather
we have each other
and that's how the story will end
forever like that || ben rector

Q + Brittney's day started off with rain, but from the way they acted when I arrived, you would have though it the most gorgeous of days. Brittney was so serene—she'd been waiting for this day for so long, and now it was here, and she just quietly soaked it all in. Laughing with her mother, sisters, and girlfriends, she enjoyed watching their joy...which was them, in turn, so overjoyed for her.

 photo MannWedding01_zpsa31089e3.jpg

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we snuck into the church nursery to take a few solo photos of Brittney just a little bit before the guests started arriving, and I'm SO glad we did! i almost didn't ask, and this confirmed it—always, always ask. you just might make some magic.
 photo MannWedding12_zps7d50b258.jpg

 photo MannWedding13_zpsb8226e72.jpg

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let me take a moment to stop & share their love story. out of all my friends' romances—this story is one that I can't get over. a few years back, Q saw Brittney during our campus ministry's fall conference. He was intrigued. "Who is that girl? I want to know who she is!" He asked his friends—they didn't know, of course, because they were boys. Q was persistent. Finally, months later, he saw her again. They became friends. He pursued her heart, gently but firmly, and she opened up to him her life, her dreams, and over time, her heart.
 photo MannWedding15_zps834317ef.jpg

he asked her last year to say yes to forever...I'll let you figure out what she said;)
 photo MannWedding16_zpsbc379f21.jpg

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 photo MannWedding18_zpsde1a2ad4.jpg

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 photo MannWedding20_zpsdb4a49b7.jpg

this is one of my favorite moments of the day. "we did it! it's really real! we're married!" bliss.

 photo MannWedding21_zps72e28bf1.jpg

 photo MannWedding22_zps9b20d8be.jpg

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 photo MannWedding25_zps216688f6.jpg

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rainy day light is my FAVORITE for weddings. these two braved the wet grass for some photos on the UNI campus, and it was absolutely perfect.

 photo MannWedding27_zps2d7f660c.jpg

 photo MannWedding28_zps810998d4.jpg

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 photo MannWedding33_zpsee8d47d8.jpg

you two...I'm seriously so glad you decided to have a dance at your wedding. I had just about as much
fun as the guests did!

 photo MannWedding34_zps0b81e5e9.jpg

 photo MannWedding35_zpscb5f1a91.jpg

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 photo MannWedding37_zps9ff3d5cc.jpg

 photo MannWedding38_zpsfad49175.jpg

 photo MannWedding39_zps577fde73.jpg

thank you for trusting me with this day. Brittney, you've been such a blessing to me as a friend, co-Bible study leader, and now a bride! remember how worried I was about shooting weddings? you have always believed in much so, you asked me to be there for your day. it was simply perfect, and convinced me that shooting a good friend's wedding is the best job in the world. thank you thank you thank you!

amelia renee

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