Thursday, August 1, 2013

Hannah | 2014 Senior Portraits | Madison, Wisconsin

this one's for the girls
who've ever had a broken heart
who've wished upon a shooting star
you're beautiful the way you are
this one's for the girls || martina mcbride

back in January, i went to atlanta, georgia with on a bus with lots + lots of kids that i didn't know. most of them were already college students, but a few were still in high school. one of the seven other gals sharing a double-room with me was miss hannah. she was absolutely the sweetest thing, and has a love for photography and the arts, too! she shared some on the ride home about her struggle with crohn's disease—definitely something that i would never want to face. yet she does, daily, with grace abundant and a huge smile on her face. most people she runs into would never suspect her of having this daily fight, which is how i suspect she likes it.

back in june, i received a message from her mom, Lana. Hannah had been back in the hospital and due to some changes in medication, she would be prone to swelling. this is normally something that wouldn't be anything to worry about. unless you're a going-to-be senior gal! so, without a word to Hannah, we worked behind the scenes to find a time between her work schedule and mine that i could travel to Wisconsin to shoot her senior photos. 

yup. first ever destination senior photos by amelia renee! and it was a blast. a roadtrip with one of my best friends, re-connecting with Hannah, hearing about her life & dreams, and meeting her amazingly sweet momma! starbucks in the city, a lake at sunset, and the Madison capital building made for a super fun senior session. so so so glad we could make this work—thank you, Klingenbergs, for your amazing hospitality and trusting us to do photos of your precious girl! 

world, meet hannah. she's super wonderful!

i'm still booking 2014 senior gals! (and would loooove to travel—no matter if it is to where you live, or just to shoot at the state fair this august. just sayin'!) 

amelia renee


  1. These are beautiful pictures, Amelia! Thank you for making this shoot happen when it did and for the sacrifice you gave to make it so. It was such an encouragement to both Hannah and I.

  2. These are amazing! I love this beautiful girl and love how beautifully you told her story! You did a wonderful job...of course, you had an incredible model to work with! :-)