Monday, July 1, 2013

June in Photos | Personal

June brought new and exciting things to my life...namely, an eagerly anticipated iPhone! I'm that girl that would always steal a friend's iPhone when out on an adventure, at dinner, or during a movie to snap a photo—and then imessage it to my iPod so I could instagram it later. Crazy, I know! Finally, my friends can use their own phones in peace and I can snap photos (and instagram, tweet or facebook to my little heart's content) simultaneously. Hallelujah! ;) It's also a blessing to not need to take my huge camera everywhere with me to be able to get a decent quality photo...I'm loving it!

Here is a little peek into what the second half of my June looked like, via vscocam & instagram. 


my daddy on father's day...he's so cute // my sister on the buggiest bike path EVER // early morning editing view // summertime + blues abound // back to work at the sub shop // photo adventures with Coleman + Asia // the CF community theatre summer musical! // tuesday night 
church softball // seeing this excited to be in her January wedding. in AUSTRAILIA! // roadtripping to wisconsin for senior photos with Erin, and Starbucks

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