Tuesday, July 30, 2013

a quick little update || personal

life moves too fast—summer, especially.

which leaves me wondering how, 3 weeks from today, i'll be moving out of the house i've lived in for the past 6 years and the community i've called home for 9 before that to a brand new city. to a dorm room, where i'll share a living space for the first time in years, eat more cafeteria food than i have in my life, and do more walking than i do driving.

i'll also be writing more papers than taking photos for school project—that might be the most difficult transition of all! just keeping it real. ha.

but back to summer! there will be time to talk about new transitions later. today, i'm here to say: hi! again. i know it's been a while. but i'm still here & shooting crazy cool people & excited to share some couples in love and rad-tastic senior gals & awesome adventures that photo-ing has taken me on. but not right now.

i'm detasseling. (6th time in 7 years—I AM LITERALLY THE CRAZIEST.) but that's okay, because it's a blessing to make money while walking.walking.walking and talking with old friends and praying in the cornfields and eating all the food and listening to music that i forgot was on my iPod. it's keeping me exhausted and busy but excited to have time soon to get back into photos, blogging, and hanging out with some sweeeeet upcoming senior gals!

which, by the way, if you are or know of a gal that's going into her senior year, send her my way. also, if any senior gal wants to go to the state fair in august for senior photos, i may or may not really want to talk with her;)

love you all. squeeze all the sweet summer lemonade out of the last day & a half of july you can!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

adventuring | personal

adventuring. an exciting or very unusual experience.

maybe to you, an adventure is roadtripping across the country in a rickety old van with only your three best friends and $200 cash.

perhaps adventuring is riding your bike across town (highways! real roads! sore legs!).

it could be having a picnic, trying a new type of cuisine (pad thai...or maybe indian curry) in an authentic restaurant, skydiving, a first date, a drive-in movie, skinny dipping in the river at midnight, or a million other things.

summertime is the perfect time for adventures. i'm all about them! and i'd love to go with you. have an adventure or two, take some sweet photos to document it, and make a lot of great memories, too.

so what adventure are you planning next?

Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Family Sessions!

I don't think for a moment that you wouldn't agree with me when I say, "Family is important!"

Am I right? Or am I right?!

I believe in the importance of family. Nothing and no-one can replace what a family is meant to be, how they mold & impact each other throughout the course of a lifetime. The tears cried on mom's shoulder over a scraped knee or broken heart, the way dad fixes broken closet doors...and knows that one spot you are the most ticklish...the way you are completely comfortable with them, the inside jokes shared, the memories of years upon years together. This is family—and this is what (and who) I love!

Life isn't perfect, it doesn't always play out...or look...like a hollywood film or Pottery Barn catalog. But life is real, and it is at its peak of realness when you are with family—those goofy, loving, sometimes embarrassing people you call home.

Life is crazy, it is not "picture perfect," and it's unexpected. I want to be there to capture that—today—for you and the ones you love. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so let us celebrate now while it is still here! You'll blink, and she'll be walking. Turn around, and he is packing up for college. Don't put off making & capturing these memories to put on the wall, in an album, and most importantly, in your heart. 

Because I believe in being genuine, in realness, in capturing real moments as well as the posed ones, I'm offering a new style of family session. I want to find out who you are! I want to build that relationship between you, the kiddos, and my camera as authentically as possible. Maybe that means going to a park and letting the kids run wild before grabbing Tropical Snow on a summer's eve. Perhaps that entails me coming over for a quiet few hours on a rainy afternoon, photographing the kids snacking, finger painting, splashing in puddles. Maybe it is a Saturday morning family outing for breakfast at the Waffle Stop and then stopping by the local farmers market for some fresh ingredients for lunch. 

Can you see it? Are you catching the vision?

Let's make memories of today for tomorrow, together. 

family sessions start at $200. book between July 15-August 5 to receive $50 off! email ameliareneephoto (at) gmail.com to schedule a session:)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Peter + Amy | married love

it's in the miles we drive, 
never having to say goodbye 
to the things we tell each other 

without saying a word.
you are the one thing that I know.

the wine we drink || drew holcomb & the neighbors

 photo peteramy01_zpsdaa0f1fb.jpg

peter and amy have been friends for years. they were just a few grades ahead of me in youth group & sunday school growing up, and I know for a fact that I thought they both were really cool

 photo peteramy02_zps1038f43c.jpg

fast forward to the college years, and suddenly, peter & amy's friendship took a romantic turn. before you know it, boom. married! attending their wedding was full of laughter, reminiscing, and sweet sweet love. 

 photo peteramy03_zps6df88748.jpg

i'm not sure how, but is has been two years (exactly, on the day we took these!) since they said "I do"...and it's just about the most fun thing to watch them two years farther into love!

 photo peteramy04_zps2ceefb74.jpg

 photo peteramy05_zpsd2c06b41.jpg

 photo peteramy06_zpsad28b4e8.jpg

these two are planning a trip to NYC later this summer...we joked about how I should start hiring myself out to couples & families on vacation. fully paid trip to the best travel spots— in trade for professional photos of the scenery, architecture, + the family, of course. ;) all bound up in an album, nice & neat. whadd'ya think? I'm definitely game for it!

 photo peteramy07_zpsf385361d.jpg

pete & amy, I loved hanging out with you two! it's such a joy to capture the two of you in love now...and I look forward to doing again down the road! and hopefully some family photos someday, too. ;)

 photo peteramy08_zpse925dd1d.jpg

amelia renee

Monday, July 8, 2013

Q + Brittney | 2013 Wedding | Cedar Falls, IA Wedding Photographer

well, I'll be your rainy day lover
whenever the sunny days end
and whatever the weather
we have each other
and that's how the story will end
forever like that || ben rector

Q + Brittney's day started off with rain, but from the way they acted when I arrived, you would have though it the most gorgeous of days. Brittney was so serene—she'd been waiting for this day for so long, and now it was here, and she just quietly soaked it all in. Laughing with her mother, sisters, and girlfriends, she enjoyed watching their joy...which was them, in turn, so overjoyed for her.

 photo MannWedding01_zpsa31089e3.jpg

 photo MannWedding02_zpseba48dce.jpg

 photo MannWedding03_zps4e89f970.jpg

 photo MannWedding04_zps83a0b7d2.jpg

 photo MannWedding05_zps213d460d.jpg

 photo MannWedding06_zpsd78ad094.jpg

 photo MannWedding07_zps9ca32fae.jpg

 photo MannWedding08_zps90a12a2b.jpg

 photo MannWedding09_zps77f6fc14.jpg

 photo MannWedding10_zps276967f1.jpg

 photo MannWedding11_zps6165db92.jpg

we snuck into the church nursery to take a few solo photos of Brittney just a little bit before the guests started arriving, and I'm SO glad we did! i almost didn't ask, and this confirmed it—always, always ask. you just might make some magic.
 photo MannWedding12_zps7d50b258.jpg

 photo MannWedding13_zpsb8226e72.jpg

 photo MannWedding14_zps38a5d0ae.jpg

let me take a moment to stop & share their love story. out of all my friends' romances—this story is one that I can't get over. a few years back, Q saw Brittney during our campus ministry's fall conference. He was intrigued. "Who is that girl? I want to know who she is!" He asked his friends—they didn't know, of course, because they were boys. Q was persistent. Finally, months later, he saw her again. They became friends. He pursued her heart, gently but firmly, and she opened up to him her life, her dreams, and over time, her heart.
 photo MannWedding15_zps834317ef.jpg

he asked her last year to say yes to forever...I'll let you figure out what she said;)
 photo MannWedding16_zpsbc379f21.jpg

 photo MannWedding17_zps1f638ab9.jpg

 photo MannWedding18_zpsde1a2ad4.jpg

 photo MannWedding19_zps00297c92.jpg

 photo MannWedding20_zpsdb4a49b7.jpg

this is one of my favorite moments of the day. "we did it! it's really real! we're married!" bliss.

 photo MannWedding21_zps72e28bf1.jpg

 photo MannWedding22_zps9b20d8be.jpg

 photo MannWedding23_zps26c55f9c.jpg

 photo MannWedding24_zps7c46c600.jpg

 photo MannWedding25_zps216688f6.jpg

 photo MannWedding26_zps8cdd5a62.jpg

rainy day light is my FAVORITE for weddings. these two braved the wet grass for some photos on the UNI campus, and it was absolutely perfect.

 photo MannWedding27_zps2d7f660c.jpg

 photo MannWedding28_zps810998d4.jpg

 photo MannWedding29_zpsb9f5596c.jpg

 photo MannWedding30_zps0ffd3b8d.jpg

 photo MannWedding31_zps78009bb8.jpg
 photo MannWedding32_zps47820702.jpg

 photo MannWedding33_zpsee8d47d8.jpg

you two...I'm seriously so glad you decided to have a dance at your wedding. I had just about as much
fun as the guests did!

 photo MannWedding34_zps0b81e5e9.jpg

 photo MannWedding35_zpscb5f1a91.jpg

 photo MannWedding36_zps6ee1cccf.jpg

 photo MannWedding37_zps9ff3d5cc.jpg

 photo MannWedding38_zpsfad49175.jpg

 photo MannWedding39_zps577fde73.jpg

thank you for trusting me with this day. Brittney, you've been such a blessing to me as a friend, co-Bible study leader, and now a bride! remember how worried I was about shooting weddings? you have always believed in me...so much so, you asked me to be there for your day. it was simply perfect, and convinced me that shooting a good friend's wedding is the best job in the world. thank you thank you thank you!

amelia renee