Wednesday, September 5, 2012

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if you know me, you proooooobably have heard of the Navigators. if you haven' they are not a sail-boating group! (we do live in iowa, after all! landlocked iowa.) what they are is a campus ministry group that works towards a common goal of "Know[ing] Christ and mak[ing] Him known"—all over the world!

it's kinda a big deal. ;)

because, to me (and to so so so many others) Christ is our ALL. He knows my past, my dirty laundry and all, knows who i am because He created me, and holds the answers to my future. in Him i am secure. i do not need to worry or stress, He's holding me up and sustaining me. i can't depend on myself for my next breath, even! it's all God. all good things that i do, are only because of the strength he's given me.

so, basically...Navs wants everybody to know Jesus! because, He's the reason for every season. and so, we have this thing called Nav Night (haha! get it? ;) it's great!) every week on campus across the country.

a few weeks ago, when school started up, UNI had their first Nav Night...and asked me to photograph! uhh, yes, please! it was such a success, and we were all blown away by how many students attended! (needless to say, it's a good thing we are in a different room this year, because last year's room would not have held everyone!)

meeeeps. welp. enough talking. pictures now! :D


we kicked the night off with some great worship!

Kyle, the UNI campus director for Navs, gave a great message.


and we ended with more wonderful worship! then everyone went outside to the commons area for free Scratch Cupcakes! The raddest way to start the school year if you ask me.

if you made it this far, i might be just a bit impressed! that's a lot of heavy thought-provoking kind of stuff i shared, and you may or may not agree with it. but it's my heart and i wanted to thanks for reading, either way!

be on the lookout for more photo sessions coming your way ASAP!

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  1. Hi Amelia! I'm a young photographer like yourself from the great state of Texas. I've never been a part of Navigators, but my brother worked for campus crusade for a couple of years (which is how he met his wife who stills works for them). Anyway, I love your photography, and I love even more that you love Jesus passionately! Praise the Lord!