Thursday, September 13, 2012

summer's end | personal

i love summer, it's such a gorgeous season. but by the time school starts up again and daytimers fill up with assignments and meetings and football games, the girl inside me starts to ache for fall. when our fields are harvested, rolled up like a rug, to be put away for the winter, and the sharp wind pushes monotone clouds behind the trembling, fading leaves.

in our home, a sure-fire way to know that summer's end is upon us is to observe our dinner plates. this time of year, my mother is busy pulling the final ripe fruits and vegetables from our garden. you'll find us feasting on homegrown beets, frying up the last bundles of okra, or eating the best potato salad on this side of the mississippi river. but our favorite, hands down, are the deep red, juicy tomatoes! and our very favorite meal to make with these said red fruits? BLTs, of course!

so, from me to you, my favorite "end of summer" meal:

first, toast the bread— two slices per person, unless everyone is hungry, in which case you'll have to toast extra. (note: this is usually the case! ;)

cook the bacon, wash & tear slices of lettuce, and cut up ripe tomatoes in to thick slices.

pour yourself a tall glass of cold milk.

smear your choice of spread on the toast. good options include butter, mayonnaise, or my personal favorite, sweet mustard.

almost done! assemble your sandwich with the hot bacon and cut tomatoes & lettuce.


dig in! savor every bite, and maybe make another one. after all, those tomatoes might go bad if you let them sit on the counter for too long!

feel free to share a favorite start-of-school-time food or snack below in the comments!

love always,
amelia renee:)

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