Monday, October 1, 2012

Jeff & Judy | Married Love

Many of you most likely do not recognize the two smiling faces below, but I know them very, very well. They're the first faces I recognized, the ones I am able to read in two seconds & know if everything is right or not, and typically the last ones I see every night. These two lovebirds are my parents, and today they celebrate 24 years of marriage!
They're amazing people. I wish that each & every one of you reading this could have the chance to know them. They are full of wisdom and knowledge and love.  Although there are days where I would have told you "my parents are dumb! they don't understand! what do they know about being a teenager?!"...they aren't. They're actually really, really smart. ;)
I mean, obviously. They had me for their daughter, & firstborn at that! I think that's the smartest move they've made yet! ;D
My college friends are always commenting on how sweet my parents are. It's really true! But I haven't always appreciated them like I should. However, living at home post-highschool was probably one of the best choices I could have made. Because of the past 2.5 years, I have gotten to know my parents so much better, seen more of their daily lives, watched them grow deeper in their faith, and become more comfortable in sharing my personal life with them.
In return, they've continued to show me love & grace. They forgive when I am wrong, when I act out, or don't wash the dishes. My dad puts up with my cuddles & pokes, and my mom is always there to listen & give advice. 
They're wonderful, really.
[oh hai, puppies! these are our slobber-machines, Rho & Chi.]

Dad & Mom, thank you for everything you've done for our family & continue to do! You've been nothing but an amazing testament to Christ's love for His church through your marriage, and your willingness to serve is something I'm still learning. I love you both so much!
love always,
Amelia Renee:)

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  1. This is so wonderful. Thanks for being such a wonderful guardianship to me since I've met you! Love and miss you all!