Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the post about concerts | personal

did you know that concerts can be a defining point in your life?

maybe you did.

i didn't. at least, not from personal experience.

let me back up just a bit, though, ok? it probably starts when i was born...but i'll just sum up the past 20 years and say: i've been exposed to music my whole life. and in different ways at different times, it has held a huge sway over who i am. but, since a lot of that music was classical violin & piano, i wasn't always enthused about it. (another story for another day, my friends.)

the short of it is, i've been to a handful of concerts in my life, regardless of the massive amounts of music i've practiced, played, listened to, and the like.

so, going to one this past weekend was a big deal....a very big deal.

see, my bff/sister of the heart and i took a roadtrip (win #1) to Ames where we saw friends (win #2) and the beauuuuutiful campus of ISU (win #3). we were the recipients of many cat-calls and whistling (not necessarily a win...but hilarious nevertheless!). aaaaaaand did i mention we had front row seats to bask in the wonderfulness known as Ben Rector & NEEDTOBREATHE? (win #4, #5, and #6! ;)

to sum up the evening, it was the most fantastic concert of my life, and it'd take something to top it. not only did they play almost every song i could have asked for, not only did we dance till our legs hurt (and still do. tmi? sorry, but not!) not only did i get ben-rector's-cute-drummer's-drumstick, or a photo with Ben Rector himself, or his autograph, or a conversation with the man himself....

but i gained a new perspective. and that is the most wonderful thing you could receive at something as unnecessary and fanciful as a concert. i came away with a real respect and love for these men, who work so hard doing what they love & sharing it with people. Ben Rector and NEEDTOBREATHE are real, genuine people, and when one has the chance to be real with them (or with anyone, for that matter) it's so much better than being the next crazed fan. and if i ever "make it" and am able to be as sincere & loving & giving as these men are at their craft, i'll be enormously grateful.

this may not make sense to any of you, or maybe it does. :) but either way, i hope that you are able to someday experience someone as genuine as these people, and realize what it is about them that makes them so.

amelia renee:)

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