Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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This post is about a certain weakness of mine. What might this weakness be?! Wonder no longer!

It's clothes and the search for the perfect item. More specifically, the perfect dress.

It may not always seem like it, but I love fashion & clothes. That has not always been the case (my old albums could tell you many stories....) but this is not about the past. ;) And although I went through a phase where I told my mother, I hate dresses they make me look like a baby I don't want to ever wear another one, that is sooooo not 2012. Mmmmmm—mmm, nope. Pretty much opposite, actually.

Now, I love dresses. My mom comments on how many dresses I have...and I actually just got rid of a few that I never wear. Only so I can buy more, of course. ;)

I'm on the search for some fun spring/summer dresses, and thought I'd share some of my fun finds below!
left: francesca's. you can never go wrong with floral!
right: modcloth. mustard yellow is fast becoming a favorite shade of mine.

left: target. (I love this dress so much. I may end up buying it, it's perfect for summer and picnics and bikes!)
right: delia's. I have a thing for stripes, what can I say?

so! what are some of your favorite places to shop at for dresses? I'd love to hear them! Or, you can even post a favorite dress find url in the comments below!

love always,
amelia renee:)

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  1. I can never find a good place for dresses! I guess Forever 21, but they are so cheaply made. I actually just bought a dress from Kohl's & I never shop there...but it's mustard yellow!!! I am starting to enjoy shopping at department stores!