Tuesday, August 27, 2013

University Life 101 | Personal

I've been posting mainly personal posts lately—and that is a strange feeling for me. It makes me squirm, the kind of uncomfortable squirming when you're called on in class to talk. Except for since this is my blog, it's probably more like I'm actually the professor. Which is just confusing. 'Cause I'm no prof. ;)

What is the reason behind all these personal posts? Thanks for asking! It's not that I don't have sessions to share—I have those by the bucketload. And it isn't that I don't want to share those, because I so do. My seniors are pretty awesome...not gonna lie! But when you go from living-at-home-on-summer-time to oh-my-gosh-how-do-I-pack-my-life-into-a-car-for-college-time...there isn't as much of those needed moments for editing/resizing/ordering/uploading/writing/blogging.

In short, I'm back in school and learning how to adjust to a 4-year university & living permanently  away from home for the first time ever. And so studies are taking more of a front seat than photos for the first time in, well, years.

So, today, I have a few more personal photos to share of my new life. College life is so very different than living at home...even when you've been at a [community college] for the past three years. It's crazy and full of people, activities, community showers, learning a new kind of time management, someone living in your room, 18 noisy neighbors, bathroom keys, bus systems, lots of learning, and wouldn't you know it, lots of fun!

Thank you all for sticking with me through this transition. (Especially you friends from home who have called/texted/messaged/snapchatted me as I've moved to Iowa State & started classes—you all are the best!) I'm so excited to get involved in this community and to learn from both professors & people here to help me be become better at both photography & living life with all of you.

my bedroom...probably the cleanest it has been in years.

learning how to put together a futon...a story for another time;) before & after!

exploring my new classrooms with my twin/friend. together we're amelia^2. 
it's fun to have a best friend with the same name!

(left) first ever session on ISU campus! (right) starting to decorate my desk with photos, of course!

my DIS (Destination Iowa State) group on our photo scavenger hunt. 

one of the athletic centers here. SOOO PRETTY!

made dinner with new and old friends. I love living in community with people! 

first Larch-Wolf house meeting! (our dens are used as rooms, so we met between the elevators.)

(left) last but not least, my cheesy first-day-of-class selfie. (right) my roommate, Audrey, is great. she came into our room last night after her run & read 1 Peter out loud to me 'cause she loves it so much. LOVE.

Love always & always,

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  1. So glad I got to sneak a peek into your new life. Love you and continue to pray for you! Can't wait to see you again.