Saturday, August 3, 2013

July in iPhone photos | Personal

July was a really, really wonderful month. I packed it full of good friends, roadtrips, lots of coffee dates,  quite a bit of corn-walking, sunsets, weddings, and goodbyes. It wasn't the easiest month, but it was worth it, and full of what summer ought to be.  Definitely crazy to think this was my final complete month at home! Next month's photos are going to look so different—ISU, here I come!




we got kittens! they're so cute // picnicking among the bugs with asia // driving to clear lake
eating fried foods // 4th of July: sunbathing, ice cream, bottle rockets off the dock // adventuring
erin's birthday! // coffee with Jess before she goes to Germany // Despicable Me 2! [tradition for us four girls]
photos with Travis // teaching Leah piano scales // late nights on the river with my twin // bridal shower fun// shadows
pre-wedding waffle stop with Miranda // post-wedding car ride dance with Erin //
my favorite flower girl of all time. [i want a korean baby now!] // wedding food...yummmm.
detasseling starts // dinner & a walk with the Chenowiths, Kendrea & Garner
senior session in Decorah on Saturday // family visit to Kansas on Sunday
someone kidnapped me on the way home from Kansas & we found some pretty flowers
gleaning wisdom from Anneliese, Betsy & Jan one last time. i so adore them! // iowa morning sunrise

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  1. what a fun month! that is probably the biggest ice cream i've ever seen, too!