Monday, December 3, 2012

a song | personal

i'm almost constantly listening to music. it's the first sounds i hear every morning as i wake. the backdrop to hungry customers at work. what i hear in my car, be it radio, cd or tape. the sounds that spill from spotify as i edit on my laptop. it's even with me at school, thanks to a portable music player (aka iPod).

music surrounds us. even in nature, the trickle of a brook, the whisper of the wind in the leaves, and the sounds of twittery birds. so amazing to me, music!

are you ever fascinated with how music can act as a personal time-travel machine, one's very own Delorean or Tardis?! one second you're traveling down the highway at record speed, the next you're taken back to a in-car dance party on the way to a sleepover with your high school girlfriends. or maybe it takes you back to a hot summer's afternoon, working out in the fields; hot, sweaty, and full of gratification at a job well done! it can take you anywhere, to any time, at any given moment.

just pop that cd, played so many times over the years that the title scrawled on the top in sharpie has started to fade, in to your car player and let it take you back. back 3 weeks, months or years. it's pure magic.

as i was contemplating this, i wondered. "what will be the songs that bring me back to this time? when i think of my 20th year, my junior fall, this december, what will be the song that conjures up memories?" as i was pouring out my heart in prayer last night, and seeking answers to confusion in my Bible, He reminded me of this song. it's so relevant to me now...and always. so enjoy sweet Alli's music, this song of my heart's current cry, and let the Father who loves you more than you'll ever know romance your heart. :)

love always, 
amelia renee:)

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