Friday, January 27, 2012

dressing for the sesh! {family size}

"what should i wear?!"

ahhhh. the question that dates back to, well, post-garden-of-Eden! (adam & eve definitely didn't have to worry about family photos. but still...:)

{i'm starting a new little series on my blog! over time, i'm going to be posting ideas to hopefully help you pick out the perfect outfit(s) for your session...ranging from senior guys, gals, and families!}

deciding what to wear is kiiiinda one of the more important decisions you'll make--once you've gotten the approval of the family to have some photos taken. and lets face it, we all want to look good! scratch that, we want to look like we stepped out of Family Fun or the 23 million ads from khols that come in the sunday paper. right?! right!

so, i'm going to attempt to give y'all some tips/advice/words of wisdom.
(i love fashion, and spend a good majority of my time observing photos...but i'm definitely not an expert yet...)

1. avoid being "matchy-matchy"
i highly doubt you all leave the house wearing matching sweaters or polos. ever. so why should you have photos hanging on your wall of you dressed as such? the goal is to have everyone complement each other, but not be identical. ;)

2. mix 'n match
this is what makes it fun! mix and match colors and patterns to create fun statements. pick 3 or 4 colors that go together well, and spread them out among everyone.

3. layer like you're bakin' a cake!
layers make an outfit so much more interesting! the good news? it really isn't that hard to do! add a fun, bold necklace, scarf, vest, belt or boots, and voila! you've got a complete outfit.

4. cheat a little.
no, not on a test. that's never ok! but it's ok to cheat when it comes to fashion. :) and by cheating i mean, "find examples from other people who get it more than i do and try to copy them." magazines & catalogs are great for this! if you know what style (classic, modern, preppy, funky) you want, look for inspiration in similar places. (j.crew, anthropologie, land's end, even ads from old navy or j.c. penney's!)

5. celebrate the individuals in the group!
let your son sport his favorite cowboy boots, allow your daughter to wear her new headband that she practically sleeps in. personality is something to be treasured, and family photos are a fun way to showcase your unity as a family but differences & quirks as individual members!

{in case you like visuals, i've found some good examples online that i've placed below!}

source: #1. #2. #3.

was this helpful at all? feedback is always appreciated!

love always,
amelia renee:)

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