Friday, January 9, 2015

Collin + Miranda | Cedar Falls Engagement Photographer

well hold on my darling
this mess is yours
now your mess is mine
vance joy // mess is mine

Miranda has been my friend since I was in high school, and I clearly remember two years ago when we ran into each other on separate coffee runs…and a boy at a table kept looking at her. ;) if you fast forward, they started dating, fell in love & became impossibly inseparable, and Collin followed Mir to Minneapolis while she finishes school. November he found the perfect ring (he was a geology major, so you can be sure he knows his rocks!) and in a matter of days, they were engaged! 

 photo blog01_zpsc29c7c15.jpg

 photo blog02_zpsdaa69e86.jpg

 photo blog03_zps25c5e2b0.jpg
 photo blog04_zpsb962c932.jpg  photo blog05_zpscb78664f.jpg

 photo blog06_zpsd41a1632.jpg
 photo blog07_zps7c4f9852.jpg  photo blog08_zps153c3190.jpg

 photo blog09_zps203fb10b.jpg

Cheers, you two! Can't wait to attend your wedding & dance the night away:)
Love Always,
Amelia Renee

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