Monday, December 22, 2014

Danae || Dunkerton Senior Photography

if I had my way
we would stay golden
frozen in frame, never get older
days pass and time just slips away
lissie || back to forever

Danae is one of the sweetest girls around.  It could be that it runs in her family, but I kinda think it's also just her natural personality. This girl has a heart for people & is going to excel when she wraps up high school and community college! 

 photo Danae01_zps3398d626.jpg

 photo Danae02_zps3bba8cc9.jpg

 photo Danae03_zps122efb51.jpg  photo Danae04_zps446303dd.jpg  photo Danae05_zpse472d02f.jpg

 photo Danae06_zpsf42d8d56.jpg

 photo Danae07_zps9a1179ce.jpg

 photo Danae08_zps659b3a9c.jpg

 photo Danae09_zps382201e1.jpg

 photo Danae10_zps25f5818e.jpg

 photo Danae11_zps83501f97.jpg

 photo Danae12_zps29fe5c1b.jpg

 photo Danae13_zps99f99d67.jpg

 photo Danae14_zps0874c618.jpg

 photo Danae15_zpse4fc5944.jpg

 photo Danae16_zps63bf25fd.jpg

 photo Danae17_zps83f5971f.jpg

Love always,
Amelia Renee

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