Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Announcing…a WEBSITE for Amelia Renee Photography! | Cedar Falls & Ames, IA Photographer

I am so so so excited to be sharing this with you today! A website has been in my dreams and plans for a few years, but until the past few months, it wasn't able to be a reality. I'd written out ideas on scraps of papers during lectures and doodle pretend logos instead of doing homework—but there was no real way for me to get there. At least, not without shelling out the big bucks, and I wasn't at a point to do that.

I heard about squarespace a while back, and last semester I realized that I was eligible to get a student discount for my first year with the company. That got a few wheels turning! Over winter break, I was able to take time to sit down and start designing my website…after a an extended trial and an all-afternoon stint last weekend, I am so thrilled to share my new place with you!

But hey, when you build a new house, you give your friends a tour. So how about a tour of my new website—just for you?! :)

The first thing you should see is the front page—it's clean and bright, 
and has one of my favorite photos from a recent wedding on it!

My about page is twofold—and I love that about it! Visitors can read a little about who I am if they want, or scroll on down to the investment section. That describes my heart behind photography as an investment, and some pricing information. (Everyone's favorite section, right? ;)

Here we have the galleries—one for Love (weddings & engagements), and one for Portraits.
I might add another gallery for family photos down the road!

I finally have a contact page with a form that's easy and fun to fill out! You all have no idea how much I've been wanting one of these!!! Bonus, I created a painting last semester and have included it in a few of my headers because I feel that the colors and style sums up my vision for my brand.

I also have a blog section up, and plan to start using that soon! So, adios, sweet blogger blog. You've served me well for the past 3 years, but it's time for something new. 

It would be so much fun if you head over to my new website and check it out for yourself. :) My goal is that viewers and potential clients will feel like they know me, just from looking at those pages and reading through both this & my new blog. 
(And if you find anything that is confusing, please let me know!) 

Love Always,
Amelia Renee

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