Monday, August 11, 2014

St. Augustine Adventuring | Personal

One of the final weekends at Jax, I was invited to go to the quaint touristy town of St. Augustine with a group of friends. The air by the ocean was salty and hot, but we didn't mind it because we were enjoying ourselves far too much. Later in the afternoon, it rained (poured, really) on us—and the overcast skies added to the mystery of this little town.  It was an afternoon that I'll never regret, and the continuation of friendships that I'm thankful to have. Here are some of my photos from our adventure!
 photo augtine01_zps0eee60c8.jpg  photo augtine02_zpsf19ba758.jpg  photo augtine03_zps0cbde371.jpg  photo augtine04_zpsed4aa8f3.jpg  photo augtine05_zps9acdb0e2.jpg  photo augtine06_zpsecba1cbe.jpg  photo augtine07_zpsa6ddad06.jpg  photo augtine08_zps5b3ae6c7.jpg  photo augtine09_zpsb35c9bab.jpg  photo augtine10_zps54d9c9da.jpg  photo augtine11_zps43fb1c36.jpg  photo augtine12_zpsd3fd74af.jpg  photo augtine13_zps097b817b.jpg  photo augtine14_zps943eea03.jpg  photo augtine15_zps105d3294.jpg  photo augtine16_zps77b2efa2.jpg  photo augtine17_zps60f225b4.jpg  photo augtine18_zps81909a89.jpg  photo augtine19_zps443a406a.jpg  photo augtine20_zps328ff3f4.jpg  photo augtine21_zps875c12f5.jpg  photo augtine22_zps7a3ab157.jpg  photo augtine23_zps7bba3984.jpg  photo augtine24_zps6c97c22a.jpg

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