Thursday, August 7, 2014

Madeline | Waterloo Christian School | Waterloo, IA Senior Portrait Photographer

Maddy was a natural in front of the camera! She's bubbly, full of sweetness and talent, and is totally my kind of girl. Even though we met for the first time the night of her senior portraits, I felt completely comfortable with her and wouldn't mind hanging out with her just for fun! Although that might be kind of hard…she's a busy gal, involved with volleyball, basketball, track, leading worship, band, choir, teaching sunday school, and ya know…just add school and a social life on top of that! ;) She definitely will go far in whatever area she decides to pursue!

Thanks so much for hanging out with me, Maddy! Let's grab coffee over Christmas break and catch up on life then:)

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 photo MaddyBlog03_zps979ce287.jpg  photo MaddyBlog04_zps067b97e5.jpg  photo MaddyBlog05_zps60ce8000.jpg  photo MaddyBlog06_zps5e39d325.jpg  photo MaddyBlog07_zps1ab38303.jpg  photo MaddyBlog08_zpsf280c079.jpg

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Love Always,
Amelia Renee


  1. OH I LOVE these! Her hair and that white dress and the light. Goodness!

  2. Seriously I LOVE the last black and white portrait. SO GOOD