Friday, February 7, 2014

Australia | Part One | Personal

Australia. The Land Down Under, where supposed wallabies and koalas run rampant. 
Continent-country and home of the Sydney Opera House (also, the place of Nemo's tank, amiright?!)

And, let me say, I never would have thought I'd actually see the day I'd step foot on this magical land. But then, life throws some curveballs and God works some wonders and next thing you know, your childhood friend is engaged to an Australian chap and wants you to be there when they covenant to walk together for the rest of their days. And to say no would just be, well, silly!

So, almost-last-day of the year and you, your mother, and favorite sister step foot from snowy Iowa into the airport.  (It only takes you 6 hours to get to Minnesota instead of the planned three, thanks to icy plane issues, so you spend the night in a hotel in the land of snow instead of making it to LA and out of the country.) Eventually, though, you make it through all the required step and set food—tired and SO READY TO SHOWER. In Australia. AUSTRALIA!

in the airport—before we knew that we'd miss our first (and rest) of our flights.

Day One in Australia! They kept us moving by taking us to an animal reserve. So much fun!

I'm excited to share more (eventually) of our trip to the Land of Awesome!

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