Monday, December 23, 2013

Year in Review | 2013

2014 is almost here, full of new adventures and discoveries!  And as excited as I am for the new year, this last one has been so very wonderful.  Thank you to all who have let me photograph you, entrusted special days & memories to my fingers, and pushed me to want to grow in all ways in the coming year.

May you all have a wonderfully happy Christmas & new year!

 photo 2013_01_zps653768e8.jpg

 photo 2013_02_zps9abac74c.jpg

 photo 2013_03_zps1af0d18e.jpg

 photo 2013_04_zps3ec4ed41.jpg

 photo 2013_05_zpsba9b5b21.jpg

 photo 2013_06_zps91dad239.jpg

 photo 2013_07_zps4c8f6e84.jpg

 photo 2013_08_zpscc69816c.jpg

 photo 2013_09_zps9d91e6b4.jpg

 photo 2013_10_zpsfe05969b.jpg

 photo 2013_11_zps2b892d5c.jpg

 photo 2013_12_zpsa5eb2ede.jpg

 photo 2013_13_zps93022871.jpg

 photo 2013_14_zpsc8463d96.jpg

 photo 2013_15_zpsd80f4bf1.jpg

 photo 2013_16_zpse0ad5af0.jpg

 photo 2013_17_zps4469c41a.jpg

 photo 2013_18_zpsf25cc4d7.jpg

 photo 2013_19_zpsdf06caa8.jpg

 photo 2013_20_zpsf8e88e0e.jpg

 photo 2013_21_zps2bd15724.jpg

 photo 2013_22_zps6611add8.jpg

 photo 2013_23_zpsd1308310.jpg

 photo 2013_24_zpsbde29450.jpg

 photo 2013_25_zpsbae73d79.jpg

 photo 2013_26_zpsd081e215.jpg

 photo 2013_27_zps37f59f7a.jpg

 photo 2013_28_zps412460b6.jpg

 photo 2013_29_zps439e77dc.jpg

 photo 2013_30_zpsea1a6eda.jpg

 photo 2013_31_zps31a6a743.jpg

 photo 2013_32_zpsd5995fe3.jpg

 photo 2013_33_zps2b5842e9.jpg

 photo 2013_34_zps380ec30d.jpg

 photo 2013_35_zpse08006e1.jpg

 photo 2013_36_zps76f3dabf.jpg

love always,
Amelia Renee:)

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