Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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what i am

smelling: audrey's bali sunrise candle in our dorm room.

wishing: that traveling wasn't so expensive, that fall afternoons lasted longer.

reading: various blogs, the Bible, my PR handbook, thesaurus.com.

listening to: steven curtis chapman's brand new album. it's so good—give it a spin!

eating: the rest of the dark chocolate from my girls' night this weekend. mmmm, tasty.

watching: episodes of the dick van dyke show & old audrey hepburn films—i'm in a b&w period.

thinking: that instead of perfection, i'm going to reach for & embrace authenticity. whether it be in how i interact with others, the way i write my papers, respond to my professors, or create photos, i desire to be genuine —and not so hung up on the little trivial points that don't ultimately matter.

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