Thursday, October 10, 2013

Jackie + Collin | Ledges State Park | Engaged!

and everybody probably thinks I'm crazy
well i'll just tell you now
that i fell in love and i couldn't help myself
that i fell in love and i couldn't help myself

sweet louise || the belle brigade

it's such a funny thing when all the sudden you start to get emails, text messages, and phone calls from friends saying "we're engaged!" Jackie was in my high school graduating class and last year, said yes to a ring & a promise from Collin.

these two are just the thing for each other. they both love music, cats, tea, and each other! and i should mention, they are making long distance look GOOD! Jackie & Collin graciously woke up super early for photos, and we laughed away the cold and fog on a perfect saturday morning last month. thanks you two for a fun morning adventure! let's go out for sushi sometime when Collin is in Ames. :)

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  1. Collin reminds me of someone off of the Waltons :)