Monday, March 25, 2013

Alycia + Casey | engaged love! | cedar falls, ia engagement photographer

will you let me call you darlin'?
when will you let me call you darlin'?
it's what i need.
josh ritter || darlin

these two. they make even a dreary winter day in iowa look good! they're such a riot and kept me laughing despite my frozen fingers during our shoot;) thank you two for trusting my crazy ideas + having an adventure with me. those cops don't even have a clue how much fun we had! [don't worry, y'all. nothing happened...much.] oh, and dates for sure next year. congrats, you two!

 photo AlyciaCasey-01_zpsc16d010c.jpg

 photo AlyciaCasey-02_zps530a3d1b.jpg

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amelia renee