Monday, April 1, 2013

spring to-do | personal

“Spring is the time of plans and projects.” 
—Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

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spring. just the sound of the word & the way it looks when written in pretty handwriting. it's the season of new hope, of fresh beginnings, and new discoveries of both nature & intellect & passions. i think someday, i'd like to fall in love in the spring—everything is fresh, wet but sunny, cold but warm, and overall delightful.

so, here are some things that i've been thinking/wanting/reading/listening/inspired by, etc.

goals for spring:

  • don't let it fly by. enjoy the moments. be outside. dance in the rain, smell flowers & wade in cold creeks.
  • spend less time in front of the computer. more time face to face with people. more time with the Lord. and more time in the fresh air. mmm yes:)
  • read this. slowly, and just soak it up, like the warm sun. maybe even at the same time!
  • love on all my university friends as much as possible. they're going to be the reason my gas bill is so high next year;)
  • pray big prayers. my God is alive, active and has huge dreams! so why dream small? not just for myself, but for others & for the Kingdom.
  • listen to more of Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors. so so good. get it here!
  • make photos that are inspiring. that fulfill my creative instincts. to not put myself in a box.
  • books some more seniors! ;) get at me, kids. more on that soon, but seriously...if you're a senior next year, i want to have an adventure with you. let's get out and be creative and have a blast. email me. today!
  • have a bonfire. final annual navs bonfire...oh my. that's going to be emotional for sure.
  • hug people more. it's my love language. ;)

what are some of your spring goals/ideas/plans? i'd love to hear them!

let's inspire each other to do less of the menial and more of the meaningful this spring.

amelia renee


  1. great goals :) I love them! I need to come up with a spring goal list too!

  2. this is all kinds of LOVELY. simple photographs that show the joy of spring. love your goals & thoughts. ahhh i just love spring!