Thursday, February 16, 2012

leaving! | personal

once again, i must apologize for my absence. buuuut i do have a decent reason for it. ;) i'm leaving on a plane tomorrow to go to haiti for 9 days! and once i come back, i promise i'll be posting regularly again because i have some funfunfun things to show you all. :)

i threw a little video together this's not that great, but it gets the point across. :) sorry about the not-so-stellar quality--i'm still trying to figure out the video feature on my camera...and how to edit/export. i guess it needed to be exported at a higher resolution, but i don't have time to do that now, 'cause i'm off for dinner, night class, Bible study, and then to finish up packing!

see you all in a few weeks! :)

love always,
amelia renee:)

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