Tuesday, February 7, 2012

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i'd have to say, that if anyone in the photography world decided to mentor me, i think one of my very top picks would be the amazing, wonderful, fabulous Katelyn James! when i realized that she is giving away a seat for FREE to learn at her workshop next month...oh my heart! did i get excited!

my "story" is quite short....nowhere near a published book, it's more like a poem or novella. ;) my fascination with photos started when my parents gifted me the most basic of film cameras (think a disposable camera that you can reuse. the quality was terrible!). nevertheless, i took rolls and rolls of film! when i turned 13, our family bought our first digital camera, and i was always stealing it to take photos of my sister, the kids at church, flowers, anything! fast forward to high school, sophomore year. 2nd semester rolled around, the one where our honors english class had to link something we wanted to spend the semester learning more about with english. naturally, i chose photography.;)

i didn't know much then, and in the grand scheme of things, i still don't! but after that semester i'd decided to continue experimenting and halfway through junior year i bought my first DSLR, a canon rebel. my trusty rebel and i spent hours together, and with it, i began to fall in love with photography. the joy of spending time with people, laughing and smiling with them, showing them how beautiful every.single.one of them are...i was hooked.

senior year i took the only class offered at my high school that was remotely close to a photography class...yearbook. i was introduced to the world of lenses (a very wonderful place!) and invested in a 50mm 1.4 at the encouragement of my teacher. i started shooting seniors (i think i had 2 that year?) and did lots of "fun" shoots with my friends & sister.

last year, i decided it was time to teach myself to shoot manually (actually, at the prompting of one of Katelyn's blog posts!). i was in my first year of community college, spending a year before starting the photography program, and sick of sitting around! a good thing, too...because i shot my first weddings last summer! i have a few more booked for this year, but have never second shot or learned in-person from a professional about a wedding (Jessica taught me as much as she could, but we never did get to shoot a couple during the internship...darn!) i've also built up my business to the point of having 8 seniors this last year--which was huge for me!--due to my crazy schedule between school, working a "real" part-time job, and being a ministry student leader.

although at this point my business is primarily senior and family sessions, i'd really love to gain more experience with wedding photography. otherwise, i have to wait until next year (photography program year 2) to take an actual "wedding class"...blech. i've learned quite a bit thus far, thanks to photographers' blogs, J.Shae, and my professors. but, i'm not content yet! i'm eager and ready to keep learning more!

i think that attending "The Workshop Experience" would be not only a wonderful learning experience where i'd be able to ask questions from many experienced photographers, build my portfolio, network with photographers from Virginia & beyond, but also to have the chance to participate in a STYLED SHOOT! eeeeeks!:) it would be such a growing experience for me! this workshop would push me to take not only my photography and my business to the next level (and give me an edge here in Iowa!,) but would also propel me personally to go outside my comfort zone. oh! and it's during my spring break so it fits perfectly with my schedule. ;)

on a deeper level, photography is one of the passions God has given me. i am able to bless others & use it to share my love and joy in HIM, whether on my blog, in conversations, supporting missions and causes such as sex trafficking prevention, or by blessing people with a session. as i learn & grow in my photography & business, i pray that i grow more in my relationship with Christ. i'm extremely thankful to Him for the chance to use this passion to connect with people that i otherwise wouldn't have ever met, and to be able to share & glorify Him through the process!

love always,
amelia renee:)


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  2. Amelia! This is amazing! You have an incredible story and I'm SO glad you shared it!! THANK YOU!!! And I LOVE that you gave a shoutout to Jesus.... He really is the only reason we can do what we do!! Keep doing what you're doing girlfriend! ( ps. This is Katelyn!! I can only comment under my old "google" name for some reason! haha )