Sunday, August 21, 2011


hello, friends!

i am so super-de-duper excited to present to you....
(dunn dun dun duuuunnnnn....)

for now, it will serve as both a website and a blog,
showcasing my latest shoots or maybe even
some fun personal posts. :)
and, if you take a moment to look along the top,
you'll find pages with some info
about me, my pricing, contact, and other links!

so take a look around my little
get familiar with it
and mayyyybe leave some comment love!

(to a photographer, that's the equivalent of snail mail. ;)

for your enjoyment, i've posted some new posts and photos
(keep scrolling down!) as well as the link to my
old blog right here. :)

and make sure to keep checking back for new posts and photos soon!

love always,
amelia renee

photo by the fabulous jessica.shae!

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