Monday, June 17, 2013

Rachel & Nick | 2013 Wedding | Cedar Falls Rotary Reserve Wedding

this is the day that rachel and nick became man and wife. it was an honor (and what. a. ride!) to be the one given the opportunity to walk through the entire day, from start to finish, with rachel, her closest girlfriends, and then nick and his men. the joining of two lives is something amazing, spiritual, and oh-so-magical. 

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after hairdos were complete, we gals headed out to the cedar falls rotary reserve for the rest of the wedding day. 

 photo RachelWed13_zps92e49fbc.jpg

 photo rachelWed14_zps6b873725.jpg

isn't this cake gorgeous?! hyvee did the catering and blew me away with their work!

 photo RachelWed15_zps4f270b4b.jpg

 photo RachelWed16_zps6ad1b2bc.jpg

 photo RachelWed17_zpse5287633.jpg

rachel's gift to her girls was matching tanks that they all wore while getting ready—such a neat idea!

 photo Rachelwed18_zpsde1d5f22.jpg

 photo rachelWed19_zpscd76f3c2.jpg

 photo rachelWed20_zpsfd1968a1.jpg

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 photo rachelwed22_zpsc412fe64.jpg

these two opted to do a first look—which made me love this wedding so much more! it helped the day run so smoothly...especially with the crazy weather (more on that later;) and allowed them to spend most of the day with each other instead of just the evening. not to mention...we got some STELLAR photos!

 photo rachelwed23_zps3c0370da.jpg

pretty sure rachel took his breath away!

 photo rachelwed25_zpsfa80c98b.jpg

nick led them in sweet!

 photo rachelwed26_zps272dd1ed.jpg

 photo rachelwed27_zpsa7d52ce3.jpg

is she not radiant?! such a beautiful bride. :)

 photo rachelwed28_zps6bebc073.jpg

 photo rachelwed29_zps82bcbd22.jpg

 photo rachelwed30_zpsbdcf998f.jpg

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 photo rachelwed37_zps938bae9c.jpg

 photo rachelwed38_zps330fd0a2.jpg

a few of the fun details! the chord on the right was braided during the ceremony...I love it!

 photo rachelwed39_zpsed7f71b4.jpg

prayer inside before the ceremony. this entire day was sprinkled with prayer! and the love they showed to not only one another, but their friends and family all day long continually pointed towards Christ.

 photo rachelwed40_zps24bce454.jpg

 photo rachelwed41_zps0cbe58da.jpg

 photo rachelwed42_zps791e72af.jpg

one thing I didn't mention before is that all week Rachel & I had been checking the weather—because they were planning to wed outdoors. Sunday came, and the skies were mostly clear—although it had said 70-80% chance of rain! you'd better believe we were excited. it stayed gorgeous all through their photos, wedding party photos, and even family photos. YES. we were stoked. then, about 15 minutes before the ceremony was scheduled to start, it thundered once, thundered twice, and poured. rain rain rain rain. I was outside when the downpour started and snapped a few photos of the short but day-altering rainshower as we ran for cover!

 photo rachelwed43_zps5968f53e.jpg

 photo rachelwed44_zpsf68aa992.jpg

chairs & tables inside were quickly re-arranged, the guest re-seated, and soon things were rolling again as smooth as if the wedding had been planned to be indoors all along!

 photo rachelwed45_zpscea1ecd8.jpg

nick just beamed when rachel walked towards him down the aisle!

 photo rachelwed46_zps1b15037f.jpg

 photo rachelwed47_zps015c9864.jpg

 photo rachelwed48_zpsc1c30d9e.jpg

 photo rachelwed49_zps934fa917.jpg

married! kissing! yay! ;)

 photo rachelwed50_zps49305e7d.jpg

 photo rachelwed52_zps023bf032.jpg

the weather cleared up and the the sun came out to dry off the grounds just as soon as the ceremony was starting. nick and rachel shared a sweet first dance outside... and then the real party began! 

 photo rachelwed54_zpsbfc624ad.jpg

 photo rachelwed55_zps11a29ef1.jpg

 photo rachelwed56_zps9c900bfb.jpg

 photo rachelwed57_zps65770a60.jpg

 photo rachelwed58_zps8498def7.jpg

 photo rachelwed59_zps9d5a3cf2.jpg

 photo rachelwed60_zps022437fb.jpg

 photo rachelwed61_zpsb40c93ef.jpg

nick and rachel, your wedding day was so beautiful. you two are doing it right—and it's going to be an amazing journey of life together. no doubt about it, you're going to have so many awesome adventures as the Johnsons! 


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  1. This is lovely. Love her dress, toms & the clear love.