Friday, June 21, 2013

Ben + Joria | A Proposal | Cedar Falls, IA Engagement Photographer

This post requires just a liiiitle bit of backstory, so bear with me. ;) 

I've known Joria for years— probably ever since my family moved to Iowa, fifteen years ago. We were in the same age group in the local homeschool co-op, and then in 9th grade I ended up in public school for high school, and rarely saw her. Fast forward a few years, and I decided to attend a local community college...same as Joria! We even had a class together freshman year, and quickly reunited as good friends. 

Back up again for a minute, though, and let me introduce our leading man! I remember when Ben's family moved to Cedar Falls. They visited our 4-H club and although I don't remember much of Ben, I remember his sister Mari Ella. ;) Then, lo and behold, a few years later, Ben and Joria started dating! It didn't take long for them to realize that they wanted forever...and so, back in April, Ben sent me a facebook message describing a "small, sparkly and round" surprise he had for Joria. All of my insides screamed really loud & excitedly...and the next thing I knew, I was asking Joria if she "and Ben" would be willing to model for a "last minute assignment." 

This is what went down that day...

 photo BenJoria01_zpsf616484d.jpg

 photo BenJoria02_zpsb8eece22.jpg

 photo BenJoria04_zps38a477c3.jpg
 photo BenJoria03_zps0ac19b97.jpg

 photo BenJoria05_zps0579c98e.jpg
 photo BenJoria06_zpsf31364aa.jpg
 photo BenJoria07_zpsfe0857a3.jpg photo BenJoria08_zps88e8b421.jpg  photo BenJoria09_zps704b7d05.jpg  photo BenJoria10_zps602d773e.jpg  photo BenJoria11_zps04e9cd07.jpg photo BenJoria16_zps2cc29565.jpg
this was Joria's reaction when she found out this was a planned event and not actually an assignment;)
 photo BenJoria13_zpsc2bd0616.jpg  photo BenJoria12_zps307ab80e.jpg  photo BenJoria15_zps24c08772.jpg  photo BenJoria14_zps11b7663f.jpg  photo BenJoria17_zpse1ff88f0.jpg

Ben & Joria, you two are truly wonderful! Enjoy this in-between time...and I can't wait for your August wedding! 



  1. Oh Amelia I just LOVE this! Her reaction photo is just priceless. Beautiful x1024923840

  2. Thanks Amelia! this is incredible!
    Mom Koons