Thursday, July 17, 2014

Asia | Senior Session | Cedar Falls, IA Senior Photography

Asia is one of the most amazing high school seniors I know! Not only has she lived overseas for much of her life, but she has a huge heart for people and helping them. She loves to listen, encourage, and make people laugh. Asia also has the coolest name;) Her family is currently living in Thailand, but they came back for a few weeks this summer and I had the chance to meet up with her, have some good coffee at Sidecar in CF 
(sooo good!), and hang out in typical Iowa landscape-ness. 

On top of everything mentioned, Asia is incredibly artistic and talented! She looooves to doodle and create artwork, and definitely has the ability to go far with that! Whatever she does, she does well and with heart and love…something rare and to be treasured in today's society. 

Asia—thank you so much for allowing me to do your senior photos! It was so great to see you, and not long enough. Next summer will bring some art collaborations (I hope!) and many more memories!

 photo asia_blog01_zps3d1fbb6e.jpg

 photo asia_blog02_zpsd60c2707.jpg  photo asia_blog03_zpse5931f30.jpg  photo asia_blog04_zpsf2fe07fb.jpg  photo asia_blog05_zps2fd539a9.jpg  photo asia_blog06_zpsfcc599b8.jpg  photo asia_blog07_zpsa7775842.jpg  photo asia_blog08_zps0a5b2062.jpg

 photo asia_blog09_zps8138095d.jpg

 photo asia_blog10_zpsa39646b6.jpg  photo asia_blog11_zpsc33c5f13.jpg  photo asia_blog12_zpse57da210.jpg  photo asia_blog13_zpsbd0471d1.jpg  photo asia_blog14_zps07ed5c8b.jpg  photo asia_blog15_zpsba9733d8.jpg  photo asia_blog16_zps5c6be150.jpg  photo asia_blog17_zps36c26255.jpg

 photo asia_blog20_zps0832f409.jpg

 photo asia_blog21_zps9a71e3ad.jpg  photo asia_blog22_zps2db37af3.jpg  photo asia_blog23_zps47a46826.jpg  photo asia_blog24_zpsa9a4ae2c.jpg  photo asia_blog25_zps9f3364f8.jpg

I'm still booking senior and family sessions for August in Cedar Falls/Waterloo area, as well as weddings for next summer. If you (or someone you know!) is interested, shoot me an email! 

Love Always,
Amelia Renee

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