Monday, September 23, 2013

let's enjoy fall....together!

fall is here.

somehow, she snuck in through the open window while summer danced out the door on a warm breeze. and autumn is already seizing her opportunities to decorate the browning, crunchy grass with even crunchier leaves and the skies with silhouettes of birds flying southward each evening.

autumn is full of both sugar and spice, exemplified in every pumpkin spice latte bought while wearing your warmest cardigan. she brings hours of family fun and bonding—regardless if you spend it raking leaves, picking apples for homemade cider, or cheering on your latest rookie football star on friday nights.

this beautiful season manifests herself in every nook & cranny of your life, but she doesn't stay for near as long as you think she will. 

that's why I'm helping you enjoy the gorgeous fall weather, your family & your favorite sweater with fall family mini-sessions! they're the perfect way to spend some time together and get a head start on a family photo for that christmas card. (you know they always sneak up on you!) 

details are below—please shoot me an email or a phone call if you are interested in grabbing a spot! let's take some time, spending it outside in the glorious beauty of fall, with the ones you love the most, while this season lasts:)

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