Friday, May 24, 2013

in-home newborn session | baby Naiya

i'm going to be trying something new...something to capture the authenticity of you, of your family, of your life. 

remember as a kid, how you loved those home videos? the ones of your first birthday party, or when your parents brought home a brand new sibling from the hospital? the ones where you wore the MOST ridiculous outfits—and it's humiliating but oh-so-hilarious now!

i want to capture that, but now. and sans-embarrasing 90s clothes. ;) those real moments...i want to experience them with you, capture them & put the in a book or on your wall for all to see. so that in 20 years, you'll look back at these days & be able to feel them.

more about all this will be coming soon...but first, an introduction of sorts. sweet little miss naiya, when she was just 11 days old. 

oh so tiny, oh so precious, oh so loved.  photo naiya01_zps0f592cf4.jpg  photo naiya02_zps12d85ff8.jpg  photo naiya03_zps0f971737.jpg  photo naiya04_zpsd1b89bb9.jpg  photo naiya05_zpsa404a316.jpg  photo naiya06_zps8cb6710f.jpg  photo naiya07_zps32b94978.jpg  photo naiya08_zpse5336b7b.jpg  photo naiya09_zps202d91a3.jpg

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  1. ahhh! oh my heart. Amelia these are just so SO beautiful. Keep doing this!