Wednesday, November 14, 2012

one word for your wednesday

i've always been a talker. in situations and places i'm most comfortable, my mouth especially tends to run. never been quite sure why it feels the need to run laps around people's brains (in particular, my father's) when it gets excited. but it does! sometimes so fast that even i can't keep up! hah.

my brain does the same thing. it enjoys thinking about all sorts of situations and things and places and wanders quite frequently to pretty little random ideas that are usually not the most important ones....but it really doesn't care. ;) my teachers probably do, however...oops.

in this busy season of fall, and upcoming winter & holiday hustle, mouths, brains & hearts tend to work harder and faster and get more tired than normal. mine is no exception. and so, today i'm reminding you (and me!) to do just this:


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